Saturday, 5 March 2011

If i be JULIET
nicholas ayoola oladehin

Sing me a song
A pill for sleep
A lullaby in disguise.
Bid me come to thy side
Where I can lay
In thy wide open arms
Craving for the
Warmth of thy embrace.
Feed me with words
As sweet as honey
Like never before known
To calm my troubled mind.
Lead me to your lair
A resemblance of Eden
Full of abundance
With a table laid for two.
Treat me like a queen
A royalty without blue blood
The queen of my own pack.
Kiss my gentle lips
Sending me on a journey
Far beyond dreamland
To a place of absolute peace.
Say the words I do
As we as two become one

Friday, 4 March 2011

nicholas ayoola oladehin

Hunger visited me at 2am
Drilling through my inner bits
Hunger took me on a long ride
Journeying through the long cold night
Hunger fed me a bitter pill
That made me groan and whine
Hunger made a slave out of me
Whipping at will and claiming lord
Hunger stole my joy
And brought tears to my eyes
Hunger made me a beggar
Yearning for food from anywhere
Hunger stole my birthright
And made me lose my mind
Hunger made the day seem short

With an ever unending night

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Happy Birthday Mum
nicholas ayoola oladehin

my first love
right from the very start
cradled me from boy to man
million of miles separate us
still our love waxes strong
am glad you have made
another day
another year
another month
Happy Birthday dear Mum.

Friday, 11 February 2011

The Gypsy Girl
nicholas ayoola oladehin

the gypsy girl in the coloured gown
looked like a Christmas tree
adorned with flashing lights
drawing attention at will

the gypsy girl in the coloured gown
she I met on a bus ride
heading to work on a usual day
as I jealously guarded my seat

the gypsy girl in the coloured gown
couldn’t keep her eyes off me
as she played on the little banjo
electrifying the ghost ride

the gypsy girl in the coloured gown
played from her heart
with a rare passion
with steady eyes focused on me

the gypsy girl in the coloured gown
reminded me of Mona Lisa
she was
indeed a living masterpiece of beauty

the gypsy girl in the coloured gown
took me to dreamland
hypnotising me at will
romancing my fragile heart

the gypsy girl in the coloured gown
led me to her lair
deep within the magical forest
far away past dreamland

the gypsy girl in the coloured gown
made my journey a mystery
made my trip adventurous
the best bus ride I ever had!!!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Last Night
nicholas ayoola oladehin

last night
i pondered on a million thoughts
wondering what was right
fiddling with words
hoping to act right

last night
i wandered through the icy night
caressing the cold
depending on inner warmth
wishing i was right

last night
i dreamt while half asleep
weighing my options
depending on the scales
believing all was right

last night
i wish i was thinking of you
as hard as i tired
your thoughts gradually fade away
leaving my mind as void
i hope this is right

last night
i wiped away all thoughts
of the horror and worry
of you tormenting me
i cant remember you again
i am sure this is right

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Who he is
nicholas ayoola oladehin

he speaks through his words
drafted over a century ago
he laid down his principles
to be followed down to the letter
he made us out of clay
and carved eve out of me
he entrusted in our hands
the dominion of the whole wide world
he watched as we disobeyed him
by eating the fruit from Eden
yet he still sees us as his kids
he loves unconditionally
he gives in abundance
he protects completely
he cares with passion
that’s why indeed
he is God

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

nicholas ayoola oladehin

Slow tears drop down my cheeks,
As I roam about in loneliness.
The cold of the scary night next to my soul,
Filters through my hole filled rags.
Goose pimples adorn my once smooth skin,
I resemble a paper filled with glued sand.
I remember the village of my birth,
Where we sat by the oil-lit lamp,
Telling stories into the dead of the night.
Many were days in the flowing stream,
Enticing fishes with our worm decorated hooks.

Mother alone at the fireside,
Aged by the thought of my whereabouts.
My sisters around the big palm tree,
Waiting for me their only friend.
Juliet in a distant land,
Far away from my warm embrace.
In the moonlit night, lonely and quiet,
A sharp pain disturbs my inner being, hunger?
I then remember mother's meals,
Hot and steamy from the black clay pot
My mouth waters, it's time for dinner
My share, far away at home.

What indeed have I achieved,
From my long event-searching walk?
Bruises on my legs, arms and face
Worn-out shoes and a hole-ridden robe
The only things I can call my own.
Here is where I feel a slave,
Unlike home where I'm treated as king.
I hear the trees whistling in the silent night,
Welcoming the arrival of a cold rainy night.

The sharp cold in my tired bones,
Penetrates deep like a desperate virus.
The green frog happily hops about,
Here for it is home, unlike me.
All alone in this thick black night,
Where I sleep with my eyes open wide.
Even though I'm housed within a square mile,
In this habitat, indeed I'm no tenant.
Home yet miles away,
Where I'll rather be and not here.

 *this poem was written 10yrs ago and i lost it online 8yrs its back HOME!!!